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Saudi Arabia


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Located on the country’s westerly coast and next to the Red Sea, Madinah is the second holy city of Islam and the final resting place of the prophet Muhammad.

Saudi Arabia is known to be one of the most breath taking countries in all of the MENA region, and yet too one of the most unexplored. The city is commonly visited during the Hajj or the Umrah and, although not compulsory, Madinah is often included because of its sacred nature.

Sitting beneath its walls, is home to three of the oldest mosques in all of the world. Built by the Prophet Muhammad and, after Mecca, is seen as the most revered place for those of the Muslim faith.

It is because The Prophet’s Mosque is one of the holiest places in all of the world that it is visited regularly for Muslims wishing to offer prayers to Allah.

The streets leading up to the Prophet’s Mosque are full of market venders that sell some of the finest prayer rugs and beads. It is also popular to pick up a genuine Madinah clock, which sounds the Azan correct to the second.

Whether your trip to Madinah is a pilgrimage or a family visit, make sure that you see the real Saudi Arabia by situating yourself directly in the epicentre of it all. Madinah Hilton is just three blocks away from the shopping district and a short drive away from the Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul-Aziz Airport.

Convenient and refreshingly refined, Madinah Hilton hotel is inundated with some of the finest accommodation that money can buy and is located close to the Prophet’s Mosque, so is perfect for those visiting for Hajj.


  • Located 25 minutes from Prince Mohammed Bin AbdulAziz Airport
  • Two restaurants and cafe
  • Near popular shopping malls and attractions
  • High-speed internet access in guest rooms and suites
  • Oriental and international cuisine at the Madinah restaurant


  • Stroll the short distance to the holy Prophet's Masjid.
  • Visit the Mountain of Uhud, the site of a battle between Muslim and Meccan forces
  • Discover Maqbaratu Al-Baqi'cemetery
  • Enjoy Madinah’s huge shopping malls
  • Visit the Taibah, Anwar Al Madinah and Haram Malls
  • Explore the Al Qeblatyn Mosjid considered one of the earliest mosques in the history of Islam.
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